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Multicultural Books to Make and Share


K to 8th Grade

Take a cultural journey around the world with sixteen bookmaking projects that work across the curriculum. This book makes it easy with accessible materials, hints for preparation, clear directions, and historical information.

I have a new book which will be coming out in 2010 called HANDMADE BOOKS FOR A HEALTHY PLANET. It contains the projects in Multicultural Books in seriously revised versions. The materials are all recycled. There are no measurements for paper. The books are simpler to make. If you like a more particular style of working, you may want to stick with Multicultural Books. If you prefer are looser approach, you might want to wait for the new book.

Multicultural Books to Make and Share
PDF eBook

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Download the 108 page .pdf and have instant access to sixteen exciting bookmaking projects. View it on your computer or print and store it in a binder.

Making Books with Children

Multicultural Books to Make and Share
Spiral Bound

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Order the 108 page spiral bound edition for only $29.95, U.S. shipping included, and receive a treasury of sixteen bookmaking projects from around the world.

Making Books with Children


openquotes.gif From Viking rune stones and Zulu beadwork to Native North American Winter counts and Egyptian name scrolls every classroom will benefit from Gaylord's research, ideas, and clear instructions. Embark on a journey of cultural discovery and arrive at a destination of limitless creative opportunities.closequote.gif

Ed Hutchins, book artist and educator, proprietor of Editions

openquotes.gif As a parent and hobby bookmaker in South Africa, I have to say how wonderful I found "Multicultural Books". Clear, concise illustrations and to-the-point descriptions. A very important factor for me is that you don't need special equipment to make any of these books, everything is readily accesible even over here. Most importantly, the kids learn about other cultures in a fun way, so necessary in this multicultural Rainbow Nation we call South Africa. My kids were so excited to see that our country is also featured in this book. closequote.gif

Su Lucas, South Africa

openquotes.gif The easiest book purchase I made this year... No shipping among other things. Printing the book was simple and the instant access was perfect for the teacher who was waiting for it. The book is an excellent resource for book forms that fit perfectly across the curriculum and grade levels.closequote.gif

Carol Kelly, School Library Media Specialist, Instructor, Salem State College


The book is organized by geographical location. Each section of the world has four projects and historical information about the development of books.

Books From Africa

Name Scroll
Learn about the development of the alphabet from Egyptian hieroglyphics with this simple scroll that uses pictures to write out a name.

Zulu Beadwork
Make a necklace or pendant with graph paper and learn about the symbolic language of beads in South Africa.

Wish Scroll
Recycle a film container to make a wish scroll based on talismans made in Ethiopia for personal protection and cures.

Adinkra Cloth
Create a construction paper cloth for a historical person or book character based on adinkra cloths from Ghana.

The Americas

Winter Count
Dakota Indians counted the years by winters and marked each winter with an image drawn on a buffalo skin. Use a brown grocery bag to make your own.

Time Line Accordion
Make an accordion book with a ribbon threaded through to act as a time line and learn about the books made by the Aztecs and Mayans.

Comic Book
Write and illustrate a comic book in this simple eight page book made from one piece of paper.

Curandero Book
This project is inspired by accordion books made by Otomi Indian healers in Mexico. Illustrate your book with cut-outs made from pieces of brown bags.


Palm Leaf Sequence Book
In India, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia, traditional books are made from palm leaves. Make your own palm leaf book from stiff paper.

Math Slat Book
Learn multiplication facts by making a slat book which was the first book form made in ancient China.

Seasons Accordion Book
Celebrate the seasons with this four page accordion book with a ribbon tie.

Book of Haiku
Sew a book with a side-stitched Asian binding and fill it with haiku and simple cut paper illustrations.


Rune Stone
The Vikings erected rune stones as memorials to the dead or announcements of the accomplishments of the living. Use the rune alphabet provided to make a stone for a family member, friend, historical figure, or fictional character.

Romans wrote notes in wooden books with wax covered pages. Make your own version with card stock and wax paper.

Write about a specific event in history or current events in a book modeled after the Newsbooks of Europe which were the forerunners of newspapers.

Medieval Book
Make a Medieval Book of Hours or Word Book with decorated foil covers and illuminated initials.

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Since 1999 makingbooks.com has shared Susan's love of making simple handmade books from recycled materials.

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