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I use this book often. It works well for all grades. I've used it for mini-reports, book reports, definitions, parts of speech, and more. You can use all blank cards, all lined, or alternate. I've also glued photographs instead of index cards to the accordion. I tend to use the book with the cards horizontal so that it can be hung, but the cards can also stand vertically.

You Need:
* 2 long narrow pieces of brown grocery bag (I use one of the side panels cut in half the long) or stiff paper/card stock
* 8 index cards (I use 3" x 5" or stiff paper/card stock cut to size)
* 1 piece 24" yarn
* Beads (optional)
* Glue stick and scrap paper
* Hole punch

Making the Book:
1. Put both long pieces together and fold a tab the width of your thumb or a little more if you have a small thumb. You have folded both pieces.

2. Separate the pieces and fold one piece in half so that the tab is on the inside the fold.

3. Take the top half of the paper, flip the edge back to meet the fold, and crease.

4. Turn the paper over, flip the edge of the paper back to meet the fold, and crease.

5. Repeat the same process with the second piece.

6. Place the two pieces of folded paper in front of you so that the tab is on the top and they look like two envelopes.

7. Put glue on one of the tabs and place the back side of the other piece on top so that the tab is on the top again. Press the two pieces together along the seam to help the glue adhere.

8. Punch a hole in the center of the tab. Thread the yarn through the hole and pull it so that there is an even amount of yarn on each side of the accordion. Tie the two ends in a double knot at the bottom. The yarn loop can hold the book closed and be used for hanging when the book is open. You can tie beads to the ends of the yarn for decoration.

9. Stand the accordion so that the tab is facing down. Glue one index card, centered from top to bottom and side to side, on the each of the sections of the accordion.

You are welcome to print and share this PDF.

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