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I use this fun form a lot, especially with second and third grades. Each of the four folded pages has one or two facts. When they are all opened, the center page reveals the identity. I've used them for biographies in history, countries in geography, animals in science, and numbers in math--I am half of 8, I am 2 + 2, etc. You can use velcro instead of the tie.

You Need:
* 1 piece of paper (I use the back panel of a brown grocery bag)
* front or back panel of cereal or cracker box
* 1 piece 24" yarn
* Scissors
* Glue stick and scrap paper
* Hole punch

1. Place the paper in front of you so that it is a sideways rectangle and fold it into thirds. I find the best way is to roll it into a three part tube and then flatten it. This fold can be a little tricky but don't worry: if it's not exact, that's okay.

2. Keep the paper folded and fold it into thirds the other way. Because the paper is smaller, it will be easier this time.

3. Open the paper and cut out the four corner pieces to make a large plus sign.

4. Fold the pages in. The order doesn't matter.

5. Place the folded pages flap side down on a piece of scrap paper. Cover the top surface with glue.

6. Place the glued and folded pages in the center of the cardboard with a very narrow border at the top.

7. Trim off the bottom of the cereal box leaving a very narrow border.

8. Fold each side of the cardboard over the pages being careful not to fold the pages.

9. Punch a hole in the center of one of the side flaps. Fold the yarn in half. Put the loop through the hole. Pull the loop from the back of the hole and open it up. Put the ends of the yarn through the loop and pull to tighten.

10. Wrap the yarn around the book and tuck it under to keep the book closed.

You are welcome to print and share this PDF.

A complete Who Am I? Book project with reproducible patterns, along with three additional books to build self-esteem and explore identity, are in Getting To Know You: Making Books That Tell Who You Are And What You Care About. Available only from the eBookstore.

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